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WATCH THE CLASS — How to Turn Your Passion & Expertise into a Profitable Digital Product

... going in depth into how I made $100,000 in 90 days from Instagram


  • PICK A DIGITAL PRODUCT THAT SELLS - discover the most profitable online tools to scale your business, even if you’re new to digital product creation!

  • BRAND LIKE AN EXPERT - learn how to make your business stand out in oversaturated markets

  • FIND YOUR AUDIENCE - marketing tactics that WORK –– How Tina made $645 and became the #1 Author on Amazon her first WEEK after launching her digital product

  • TARGET CUSTOMERS THAT PAY - how to turn followers into customers and how I made $50,000 in 45 days from Instagram

At the end of the masterclass, you'll  learn that I have open enrollment for The Digital Selling Playbook course where I work with you to create  & launch your profitable online product or program to scale up to five and six figures!


You'll get access to me as your coach inside our private group, weekly access on our video group coaching calls, and the modules that will walk you through the exact steps I used to earn $100,000 in 90 days with my first ever digital product.


Pay attention to the entire masterclass and make sure to watch until the end to ensure you get all the tips and to see if the The Digital Selling Playbook program is right for you! 

Have questions you need answered before enrolling?

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